Welcome to Rigas International. Primarily an Indian clothing retail store, we were launched in the year 2014 and have recently gone online. With that we are also introducing a host of other products. We take pride in the fact that we are a woman-led venture. As an online-store, our mantra is simple. To be a one-stop shop offering to our patrons clothing items, home décor, food products and beauty products. We are where your most essential requirements in terms of fashion, food may be met.

The apparel options we have curated for you are not only stylish and popular but also practical. We are interested in contributing towards demonstrating the beauty, elegance and variety of traditional Indian craftsmanship – something, we hope, will reflect in the collection we have assembled here for you. We have made a sincere effort in bringing to you a variety of stylish clothing in vibrant colours and patterns, while also ensuring our comfortable and breathable fabrics are made from the highest quality polyester and cotton.

Additionally, we have also sourced in food products for you. We have spices, we have sweets, we have nuts and we have ghee. Procured from our trustworthy manufacturers, we assure our products are of a very good quality.

And while you are at it, it will mean a lot to us, if you browsed through our home décor section. We have very cute wearables for your floors and tables.

We are alive to what our patrons may be looking for: good quality products, keeping up with the latest trends, truly useful and inexpensive. We hope our products will appeal to your needs and sensibilities.

Thank you for visiting us!